Our Leadership team at XTENSOS has several years of hands-on experience in the worlds of Business Advisory & Consulting. As a result, our approach tends to be different from bigger consulting firms who often present business theory but without the direct experience to back it up.

At XTENSOS, our goal is not to just “Sell” consulting, it is to genuinely add-value by helping our customers solve their business problems in a sustainable way and develop their people to the highest level of potential possible.

Here are just some of the Business Advisory & Consulting solutions that XTENSOS can deliver:


The Leadership team at XTENSOS has a wealth of experience in setting up and managing Shared Services Organisations globally. Many companies take a three-step approach to Shared Services as follows:

  1. Stage One – They begin by building an internal team. This team grows often as a company acquires other businesses and the overlapping functions get glued together.
  2. Stage Two – Next, most companies move the Shared Services team to a more cost-efficient  internal location to help improve operating leverage and margins
  3. Stage Three – Finally, some companies outsource the functions completely to an Outsourced Managed Services specialist company.

Leveraging our unique experience and blend of solutions in this field, XTENSOS can consult with, and coach your business to a better place at each of these stages.


As companies grow, the need for more mature Human Resources support grows. Our Leadership team at XTENSOS has over 15 years of experience of in providing and managing Human Resources support in multiple jurisdictions across the world.

Whatever stage your business is at in terms of Human Resources infrastructure, XTENSOS can help you by providing Business Consulting & Coaching in all of the areas that you will need including:

  • Recruitment
  • Assessment Workshops
  • On-boarding
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Performance Management
  • Talent Management
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Termination


One feedback that many business leaders have shared with us on our various training programs, is that they felt the loneliness that comes with assuming responsibility for others. Most executives have to figure out how to deal with this as well as moving their business forward. This then becomes an even bigger issue as the company grows and new leaders get appointed to various senior roles.

At XTENSOS, our team has two significant areas of experience that we can bring to support our customers:

  1. All of our leaders have actually built businesses (from a small to substantially-sized organisations) and have travelled the same journey that our customers are now on
  2. They are also experienced and qualified Executive Coaches and have helped many leaders who have shared the same issues that our customers now face.

Our Executive Coaching solution is designed to enable Business Leaders to achieve their goals and grow into their full potential while being supported by people who have done it before and who have learned from the experience.


At XTENSOS, we take quality very seriously and we have a wealth of experience in this area. Our CEO started his career as a Quality Manager in Manufacturing and then in Services and his approach has shaped how we approach Quality in our day-to-day operations with our customers.

Many companies really need help in the area of building quality into their processes but unfortunately, many third party quality consultants simply come with a vanilla ISO-based Quality Management Approach. At XTENSOS, we begin with a consultation to fully understand your processes. We map out all of the workflows and look for opportunities to optimise them. We help our customers to build Quality Control into their everyday operations and we then help build Quality Assurance systems to make sure that Quality Control activities are effective.

Our Quality Management Consulting & Coaching solution will always help our customers’ businesses no matter what stage of Quality Maturity their company is at.


Even before the massive increase in Cyber-Terror that the world has experienced recently, the area of Information Security had been a growing area in many industries. It is still however a fairly new concept to many companies and, as a result, they are not prepared adequately for security threats.

At XTENSOS, our leadership team have implemented and managed the Information Security function in several medium to large sized companies and have even achieved ISO certification for the Information Security Management Systems that they have built.

Our Information Security Consulting & Coaching solution can help our customers to get started on the road to Information Security Maturity and will help them to be able to deal with the increasingly complex requirements from their own customers in the years ahead.


Building an effective supply chain can be very complex but must be done if a business is to scale in the future. At XTENSOS, our consultants can engage with our customer to understand their exact requirements and then advise on how to build the right supply chain to serve the business well over the long-term.

Our teams’ experience in Supply Chain Management covers several industry sectors as follows:

  1. International Services
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Life-Sciences
  4. Retail
  5. Hospitality

We are confident that our Supply Chain Management Consulting & Coaching solution can help our customers in building their supply chain, irrespective of the organisation’s size or level of maturity.


When companies get to a certain size they realise the growth cannot just come from new customers alone. Any company can sell but many struggle to really engage existing customers to generate add-on revenue opportunities.

At XTENSOS, our team have seen many organisations implement “Strategic Account Management” approaches to try to solve this problem. Sadly, many of these initiatives fail due to a lack of understanding of the requirements of this approach or the costs that can be involved if the implementation is poor. When this happens companies often don’t stay the course and then it is worse than if they had never done it in the first place.

The XTENSOS approach is called Customer Engagement Management and is different from a standard Strategic Account Management approach. Our consultants are trained in the methodology and we can Consult, Coach and Train our Customers to ensure that the methodology sticks and delivers real value to the business.


One of the cornerstones in a mature Service company is its Project Management Office (PMO). Our team at XTENSOS has over 20 years experience in establishing and managing PMOs all over the world.

The XTENSOS Project Management Consulting & Coaching solution helps our customers to understand what is required from a PMO and also helps them to decide the correct approach to implementation to suit their organisational culture. This, combined with our Project Management Training offering, really enables our Customers to build solid project management capability and improve the service that they offer to their own customers.


Having built Agile software development teams for customers over many years, our team at XTENSOS understands the Agile Methodology for Software Development and Testing very well.

Our Agile Methodology Consulting & Coaching solution is designed to help our customers to either:

  1. Get rid of old chaotic development processes which followed no particular methodology and just relied on the ability of a “super-developer”
  2. Move away from more traditional waterfall development models towards a new Agile approach
  3. Improve a poorly implemented Agile methodology to get the best benefits from this approach

Our consultants work with our customers to plan the Agile approach, execute the plan in terms of process compliance and resourcing, verify that the plan is working (using KPIs) and finally modify the approach, if necessary, to suit the organisation’s needs.


All businesses suffer from waste. Wasteful processes, unnecessary steps, poor controls in the business are all things that affect the bottom line. Implementing a Lean Business Process Improvement approach can help an organisation to:

  1. Save money
  2. Increase Operating Leverage
  3. Increase margins

At XTENSOS, we operate our own approach to Lean Business Process Improvement and our team of consultants are very experienced in the area. They consult with customers to help them plan a Lean approach for their business and they also guide the process until it becomes an embedded part of the company’s culture.

Our XTENSOS Lean Business Process Improvement Consulting & Coaching solution is designed to get companies into the methodology and start getting benefits from it straight away. We Consult, Coach and Train the customer’s teams to make sure that it sticks and we also audit the system at regular intervals to ensure that it continues to deliver savings as expected.


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