XTENSOS delivers business advisory services and consulting through our executive coaching, M&A support, board advisory and business consulting solutions.

Our Leadership team at XTENSOS has several years of hands-on experience in the worlds of Business Advisory & Consulting. As a result, our approach tends to be different from bigger consulting firms who often present business theory but without the direct experience to back it up.

At XTENSOS, our goal is not to just “Sell” consulting, it is to genuinely add-value by helping our customers solve their business problems in a sustainable way and develop their people to the highest level of potential possible.

Here are just some of the Business Advisory & Consulting solutions that XTENSOS can deliver:


The XTENSOS Business Consulting offering is based on a wealth of experience in setting-up and managing global services organisations. Our approach usually begins with conducting our own XTENSOS Business Maturity Assessment to  baseline the current status. We then build an enaggement plan, with the customer, to help to close any gaps found and to address any business problems which are stopping teh compamny from achieveing its goals.

Leveraging our vast experience and our unique blend of solutions, the XTENSOS team engages actively with each customer to help solve their business problems and to help build a more sustainable future for the business.


The XTENSOS Human Resources Management offering is designed to help companies to navigate the complexity of people management and all that entails. As companies grow, the need for more mature Human Resources support grows. Our Leadership team has over 15 years of experience in providing and managing Human Resources support in multiple jurisdictions across the world.

Whatever stage your business is at in terms of Human Resources infrastructure, XTENSOS can help you by providing HR support in all of the areas that you will need including:

  • Recruitment
  • Personality Profiling
  • Assessment Workshops
  • On-boarding & Training
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Performance Management
  • Talent Management
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Termination


The XTENSOS Executive Coaching & Mentoring solution is designed to enable Business Leaders to achieve their goals and grow into their full potential while being supported by people who have done it before and who have learned from the experience.

One feedback that many business leaders have shared with us on our various training programs, is that they felt the loneliness that comes with assuming responsibility for others. Most executives have to figure out how to deal with this as well as moving their business forward. This then becomes an even bigger issue as the company grows and new leaders get appointed to various senior roles.

At XTENSOS, our team has two very significant area of expertise that we can bring to support our customers. The first is that all of our leaders have actually built businesses , from start-ups to becoming larger organisations, and therefore, they have traveled the same journey that our customers are often now on. The second advantage is that they are also experienced and qualified Executive Coaches & Mentors and have helped many leaders who shared the same issues that our customers now face.


The XTENSOS Board Advisory offering is designed to enable company boards to benefit from the vast experience that our leaders have in building and directing businesses all over the world.

All businesses can benefit from having independent sources of objective advice. Many business leaders do not have extensive board level experience and have just grown their own business from start-up to the present day. Having one of our leaders join their board brings an unbiased opinion to the discussions and can help enormously in holding other board members to account.

The experience of having Board Advisors can enrich board meetings and make the board much more effective as a governing body for the business. Our advisors can also, in some circumstances, take on a full statutory non-executive director role if required.


The XTENSOS Mergers & Acquisitions Support offering is designed to help aquiring companies or investors to make the best decisions, regaring a specific target acquisition or investment. Due to our extensive experience working with larger market research firms and private equity comapnies, we can help by providing some or all of the following support services:

  1. Target company list generation
  2. Market Research
  3. Industry specific consultation
  4. Due Diligence support
  5. Interviewing Targets’ customers, suppliers etc
  6. Post deal supervision and governance

For companies intending to get acquired we also support them by conducting our XTENSOS Business Maturity Assessment and then working with them to close any gaps that will concern a potential future investor.


The XTENSOS Quality & Information Security Management offering is designed to help companies to build and manage world class Quality and Information Security Management systems. Our CEO started his career as a Quality Manager and his Light-touch approach has shaped how we approach Quality and Information Security in our day-to-day operations with our customers.

Many third party Quality or Information Security consultants simply come with an administrativly-heavy vanilla ISO formula. At XTENSOS, we begin with a consultation to fully understand your processes and your business needs. We map out all of the workflows and look for opportunities to optimise them. We help our customers to build Quality & Information Security Controls into their everyday operations and we then help build Quality & Information Security Management systems to make sure that control activities are effective.

At XTENSOS, our leadership team have implemented and managed the Quality &  Information Security function in several medium to large sized companies and have even achieved ISO certification for the Information Security Management Systems that they have built. Our solution always helps our customers no matter what stage of Maturity their company is at.


The XTENSOS Sales & Account Management offering is designed to help companies to optimise their “new business” sales and to grow their “revenue and engagement” with existing customers.

At XTENSOS, our team have seen many organisations struggling to implement new business Selling approaches or Strategic Account Management for existing business. Sadly, many of these initiatives fail due to a lack of understanding of the requirements of each approach or the costs that can be involved if the implementation is poor.

The XTENSOS approach for new business sales is called “Credibility Based Sales”, while our Account Management approach is called “Customer Engagement Management”. Our consultants are trained in these methodologies and we can Consult, Coach and Train our Customers to ensure that the methodologies stick and deliver real value to the business.


The XTENSOS Project Management Office offering is designed to help companies to build and scale a Project Management Office with a clear philosophy at its centre and a consistency in its execution.

One of the cornerstones in a mature Service company is its Project Management Office (PMO). Our team at XTENSOS has over 30 years of experience in establishing and managing PMOs all over the world.

We help our customers to understand what is required from a PMO and we also help them to decide on the correct approach to implementation to suit their organisational culture. This, combined with our Project Management Training offering, really enables our customers to build solid, scalable project management capability and improve the service that they offer to their own customers.


The XTENSOS Supply-Chain Management offering is designed to help companies to build and scale their supply-chain in accordance with their customers’ needs and irrespective of their own level of maturity.

Building an effective supply-chain can be very complex but must be done if a business is to scale in the future. At XTENSOS, our consultants engage with our customers to understand their exact requirements and to then advise them on how to build the right supply chain to serve the business’ needs over the long-term.

Our teams’ experience in Supply Chain Management covers several industry sectors and our support services include the followimng:

  1. Supply-chain maturity asessment
  2. Recruitment campaigns
  3. Supplier risk management
  4. Supplly-chain performance management


The XTENSOS Meeting & Event Moderation offering is designed to help companies to get the best return on their investment in strategic meeting or events.  Our team can act as meeting/event moderators and they will manage and drive the agenda of each session. This frees-up vital company people to actually participate and contribute strategically in the meeting or event.

Our service can include some or all of the following:

  1. Meeting/Event moderation
  2. Delivering Keynote address
  3. Workshop management

Our consultants work with our customers to plan the Agenda and approach to be used during the meeting or event. They then execute the plan including keeping the meeting or event on track, and finally they verify that the meeting or event worked as expected, using pre-agreed measures of success, to deliver against the organisation’s needs.

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