XTENSOS is a global services company, headquartered in Dublin Ireland. We serve our  customers by providing them with a variety of Service Oriented Solutions under 3 service area categories.

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Many companies struggle with poor Employee Engagement and this is negatively affecting the service which gets delivered to end customers. Our Learning and Development solutions help you to engage your staff-teams and allow them to reach their full potential.

In today’s world, all companies are having to “Do More With Less” and yet many feel like they are stuck with their existing internal cost base. Our Outsourced Managed Services help our customers to access high calibre talent in cost-efficient locations to provide a lower break-even point and increase operating margins.

Business Leaders often need support in navigating the world of corporate business, including coaching, mentoring and advice with business strategy, execution, people development or customer engagement. Our Business Consulting & Coaching solutions help our clients to de-risk their decision-making and provide them with the necessary aid to develop as effective Executives in their companies.

If your business needs help in any, or all, of the above areas then thankfully you have come to the right place.