Our Board Advisory Services enable company boards to benefit from our experience in building and directing businesses all over the world.

All businesses can benefit from having independent sources of objective advice. Many business leaders do not have extensive board-level experience and have just grown their own business from start-up to the present day.

Areas of impact most often cited as benefits arising from an advisory board are company vision, innovation, risk management, and profitability


Having one of our leaders join their board brings an unbiased opinion to the discussions and can help enormously in holding other board members to account. The experience can enrich board meetings and make the board much more effective as a governing body for the business. 

Designed for

Companies from various industries

Delivered by

Business leaders with +30 years experience

Enabled through

Consulting & coaching sessions


Benefits for the company

Some of the more tangible benefits for the company include the following:

  • Access to extensive business expertise in setting up shared services, managing mergers & acquisitions, working with private equity companies.
  • Enhanced business performance
  • Targeted business strategy
  • Increased number of business development opportunities.

Benefits for the participants

Some of the main personal benefits arising out of our Board Advisory Services are as follows:

  • Greater experience brought to bear on the board reducing the pressure on owners
  • Strategic advice available from independent source
  • Safe sounding board for executive ideas


The Board Advisory Services are suited for companies of any size who are looking for external members on their advisory boards.


Our process has been designed to bring the best modern techniques of consulting, coaching, and mentoring together to achieve maximum benefit for the customers we work with. 

Needs Assessment »
  • Conducting Business Maturity Assessment
  • Agreeing on a consulting plan
  • Scope defined and agreed
Consulting Sessions »
  • Cadence is agreed and scheduled
  • Session length agreed
  • Improvement topics agreed
Consulting »
  • Advice based on 30 years of direct executive experience
  • Qualified but safe sounding-board for executive ideas
  • Strategy assistance and scenario modeling
Tracking & Reporting »
  • Consulting tracker established
  • Monitored monthly
  • Status report every quarter

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