Our Executive Coaching & Mentoring Services helps business leaders to maximise their efforts to achieve their desired professional and company performance.

With the burden of executive responsibility, there comes a high degree of isolation and even loneliness. Most executives must figure out how to deal with this as well as figuring out how to drive their business forward.

Every executive leader must also manage themselves in order to pace themselves across what is sure to be a very strenuous and demanding career.

Many executives choose not to face these challenges alone and seek the help of professional coaches or mentors to help them set out a plan and to hold them accountable to that plan in order to achieve successful outcomes.

50% of leaders report experiencing feelings of loneliness in their role, and of this group, 61% believe it hinders their performance.

Harvard Business Review

The programme helps executives to figure out their day-to-day challenges in terms of business growth strategies, operational challenges, and people development.

Designed for

Leaders, executives, managers

Delivered by

Business leaders with +30 years experience

Enabled through

Consulting & coaching sessions


Benefits for the company

Some of the more tangible benefits for the company include the following:

  • More effective decision-making
  • Greater agility in handling change
  • Improved stakeholders relations
  • Better employee engagement
  • Talent pipeline of future executives

Benefits for the participants

Some of the main personal benefits arising out of our Executive Coaching & Mentoring Services are as follows:

  • Greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Enhanced competences and capabilities
  • Better problem-solving thinking
  • Improved personal performance
  • Intentional personal brand


This service is suited for both experienced and newly-appointed Executive and Managers, from any background (Sales, Finance, HR, Operations, Marketing, etc.).


Our process has been designed to bring the best modern techniques of consulting, coaching, and mentoring together to achieve maximum benefit for the customers we work with. 

Needs Assessment »
  • Conducting Business Maturity Assessment
  • Conducting a personal assessment of the functions involved using DISC
  • Agreeing on a coaching plan
Coaching Sessions »
  • Cadence is agreed and scheduled
  • Sessions length agreed
  • Improvement topics agreed
Mentoring »
  • Advice based on almost 30 years of direct executive experience
  • Qualified but safe sounding-board for executive ideas
  • Strategy assistance and scenario modelling
Tracking & Reporting »
  • Coaching tracker established
  • Monitored monthly
  • Status report every quarter


The Executive Coaching & Mentoring Sessions can be delivered online, in a secure environment, or onsite.

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