Our Mergers & Acquisitions Support Services helps (a) acquiring companies or investors to make the best decisions regarding a specific target acquisition or investment and (b) companies wishing to be acquired to align their business correctly to achieve a successful outcome.

For many companies, M&A is an important growth driver, contributing to product and services diversification, use of new, improved technology, and an increased customer base pool in the existing and new geographies. 

From valuation to the negotiation and completion phase, the M&A strategy needs proper and thorough planning. In fact, 46% of dealmakers pointed that almost half of their deals are not meeting the established ROI, partly because of some of the overlooked details in the planning and implementation stage.   

Dealmakers responded that fewer transactions are meeting their expectations: of all respondents surveyed, 46% say that less than half of their transactions over the past 2 years have generated the expected value or ROI.

To help make the best decision, we are offering the following M&A advisory services: target company list generation, market research, industry-specific consultation, due diligence support, interviewing targets’ customers, suppliers etc., post-deal supervision and governance.

Designed for

Investors, companies to (be) acquire(d)

Delivered by

Business leaders with +30 years experience

Enabled through

Consulting & coaching sessions


Benefits for the company

Some of the more tangible benefits for the company include the following:

  • Access to extensive experience in managing deals through their entire lifecycle
  • Well-defined business processes to facilitate transition
  • A set of opportunities that are a good strategic fit


The M&A Advisory Service is suited for companies of any size who are looking for support with their M&A strategy, either for acquiring new business or for getting acquired by other organisations.


Our process has been designed to bring the best modern techniques of consulting, coaching, and mentoring together to achieve maximum benefit for the customers we work with. 

Scope Definition »
  • Define project scope & agree boundaries
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • XTENSOS Maturity Assessment
Leadership Assessment »
  • Competence assessment
  • Behavioural profiling
  • Experience and risk assessment
Customer Engagement »
  • Sales approach
  • Account management approach
  • Customer retention and win ratios
Operations »
  • Functional assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Performance capability
Supply Chain »
  • Critical dependencies
  • Supplier segmentation
  • Spend analysis
Technology »
  • IT
  • Development team
  • Automation potential
Quality Management »
  • Maturity level
  • Process capabilities
  • Customer complaints
People Management »
  • Staff engagement
  • Performance management
  • Talent development
Indirect Functions »
  • HR, Finance, IT, etc.
  • Service levels
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
Report Read-Out »
  • Scores and findings
  • Recommendations
  • Follow-on actions

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