XTENSOS delivers Service Oriented Solutions to global companies which enable business growth and empower professional development.


XTENSOS was founded in 2014 by Paul McManus. With almost 30 years of business experience in the retail, manufacturing and services industries, Paul held various global senior leadership roles, which always included commercial, operational and full P&L responsibilities.

Over his career, while working with a huge number of the world’s most recognised brands, Paul observed that the same repeat-pattern problems seem to consistently affect companies of all shapes and sizes all over the world.

There are three most frequently recurring business problems that Paul noticed:

1. Employee Engagement – Many companies are really losing the Employee Engagement battle and  Management or HR initiatives are typically having little or no effect on engagement levels. In fact they often make things worse!

2. Do More With Less – All companies are being forced to ‘Do More With Less’ and need solutions to help them convert high internal fixed costs to lower external variable costs. This is vital to ensure margin sustainability in any business.

3. Coaching, Mentoring & Advice – Business leaders often feel the heavy burden of responsibility and need coaching, mentoring and sometimes expert advice to help them achieve their goals and realise their potential.


We believe that every company should have a strong sense of “Purpose” at its core and that the purpose must always be more than just making profit.

The Purpose of XTENSOS is to execute our company’s mission, to the best of our ability every single day, while always staying true to our core values. By doing this we believe that we will build a company that is valued for the Trust, Credibility and Value that we create with our Customers.


The Mission of XTENSOS is to bring solutions to our Customers’ business problems by providing them with some or all of our three Service Oriented Solutions:

We do this by working hard every day to build solid relationships with our Customers, and to add true value for them always. Our Values are at the heart of everything we do and our company culture is built on this foundation.

These are the things we want the XTENSOS brand to stand for and we Actively Manage ourselves and our business, to ensure that our Customers’ Experience is always consistent with our mission.


Over several years, our XTENSOS team has seen many companies try to retro-fit values after years of trying to find their place in the world. This is often carried out as a branding exercise by marketing teams, but these initiatives usually fail as global staff cannot connect with the new-found values.

At XTENSOS, we passionately believe that our values define our very existence. These values were fundamental to our founder and and we will never deviate from them, no matter what business challenges the future brings our way. Experience has demonstrated that these values resonate with our customers and they stand for a very ethical and credible way to conduct business in every part of the world.

Because of this, XTENSOS customers enjoy a consistent global Customer Experience and we will always continue with our integrity-based approach, serving both current and future Customers in the years ahead.

These are our XTENSOS Values:




It is a founding belief at XTENSOS that humility helps us to focus on the things that are truly important to our customers. Our company is built on a Competence Framework that enshrines humility and we expect that all of our staff act appropriately as a result. We do not tolerate arrogance of any kind in our organisation and our culture is one of respect and humility at all times.


Our clients expect us to handle their business with the utmost integrity. It is one of the cornerstones of XTENSOS that we will always act with integrity in every element of our business. Our approach is always that we would rather pass on an opportunity than have to compromise our integrity and so our Customers can completely rely on the integrity of our team and our business relationship.


All of our staff are carefully recruited and selected based on the XTENSOS Competence Framework. We onboard each new employee using a standardised induction process and our performance management system kicks in at the end of the probationary period to establish their professional development plan. We care deeply about our staff and our approach aims to ensure that we have engaged employees.


Our approach XTENSOS is always to focus on value-adding-service for our Customers, our staff and our stakeholders including our suppliers. Service is not about just doing whatever the Customer asks for, but it is about respectfully, and humbly, suggesting other possibilities and new ideas which will help the Customer in ways that they didn’t expect. This type of service leads to true value-add for the Customer and this is how we aim to continuously re-earn our Customers’ business year after year.

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