Our multilingual BPO services include human resources, customer service, finance, project management, and back-office services.

Our Leadership at XTENSOS has been building global teams and delivering Multilingual Business Support Services for over 20 years. This is combined with over 10 years of direct international Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) experience, specifically in our Cluj-Napoca, Romania leadership, to bring our customers a unique offering that can help their businesses. Here are just some of the Multilingual Business Support Services that XTENSOS can deliver:


Companies today cannot scale without having a strategic approach to Human Resource management. The XTENSOS Human Resources managed service is designed to help companies deliver a world-class HR experience for their staff without having to build an expensive in-house team.

The cost associated with building a large HR organisation is often prohibitive for small to medium enterprises and so this outsourced managed service allows even small companies to benefit from the same approach as companies much larger than themselves.

The XTENSOS Human Resources managed service consists of the following elements:

  • Full access to a HR Business Partner
  • A full set of HR Policies covering your business needs
  • Recruitment and selection services for hiring managers
  • Performance Management support for all staff
  • Training and Development support for all staff
  • Downsizing support services
  • HR reporting, covering all relevant jurisdictions


One thing that differentiates companies in today’s competitive world is their ability to execute projects better than anybody else. Project Management is at the heart of all service business and, at XTENSOS, our leadership has been building and running Project Management Offices (PMO) all over the world for over 20 years.

For years, service companies, who always operate in very tight margin environments, have struggled to lower the costs associated with building a world-class PMO. Many have off-shored some or all of their headcount but they still have to contend with high levels of internal fixed-costs. The XTENSOS Project Management managed service has been designed by people who have direct experience with these challenges, to help your business get access to a cost-efficient world-class PMO.

The XTENSOS Project Management managed service consists of the following elements:

  • Full access to a team of fully trained Project Managers
  • Project Managers with various levels of experience across different industries
  • A full set of Project Management processes and procedures
  • Full Project Management of all company projects from kick-off to the wrap-up
  • Project KPI Reporting on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis
  • Full management of schedules, budgets, and quality for all projects
  • Stakeholder management, including customer management


One of the key measures of customer satisfaction is how well they feel supported after purchasing products and services. Building multilingual customer service capabilities can be very expensive for companies of all sizes.

The XTENSOS Multilingual Customer Service offering is designed to help companies support their customers in all major European languages. Located in Cluj-Napoca – the home of one of the strongest foreign language universities in Romania, our XTENSOS service centre can provide significant multilingual talent, including team members who speak between 2 and 5 languages fluently.

The XTENSOS Multilingual Customer Service managed service consists of the following elements:

  • Full access to a team of trained, multilingual customer service representatives
  • Performance management in line with Service Level Agreements
  • Ability to dedicate teams specifically to customers
  • Customer satisfaction measurement
  • Customer service KPI reporting


As part of the trend in Business Process Outsourcing over the last 10 years, Cluj-Napoca, Romania has developed into one of the most significant talent pools for specific outsourced services. Finance is one of the services that has seen growth and maturation during this period.

The XTENSOS Finance managed service is designed to help companies deliver a world-class finance experience for their staff and customers without having to build an expensive in-house team.

Many companies need to provide Finance support to several European subsidiaries and so centralising this in our cost-efficient, XTENSOS Cluj-Napoca multilingual service centre makes a lot of sense. Small to medium enterprises can benefit greatly from this approach as it is an extremely cost-efficient way to run this function without adding huge internal fixed costs.

The XTENSOS Finance managed service consists of the following elements:

  • Finance administration
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable operations
  • Global expense management
  • Order processing
  • Financial analysis
  • Financial reporting, covering all relevant jurisdictions


One trend that has been happening over recent years is that companies are finding it more and more difficult to justify having local resources perform more administrative tasks.

The cost associated with hiring, training and managing people to carry out this work is often prohibitive, especially for small to medium-sized enterprises. The XTENSOS Back-office managed service is designed to solve this problem and allows companies to push these tasks to XTENSOS, where we package them into a consistent, predictable managed service.

The XTENSOS Back-Office  managed service consists of the following elements:

  • Full access to a team of administrators
  • Data entry
  • Data analysis
  • Secretarial services
  • Virtual Personal Assistant
  • Event management support
  • Document management
  • Travel arrangements
  • Producing reporting packs

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