Our Multilingual Business Support services help companies to find and leverage the best talent while actively managing their margins.

In order to maintain maximum flexibility and minimise costs, every business needs to strike the right balance between in-house, fixed costs resources and outsourced, variable-cost resources. At XTENSOS, our Multilingual Business Support Solutions not only help companies to transform their fixed-costs into variable-costs but also benefit from lower costs by working with our cost-efficient service centres.

One of the most difficult problems, associated with outsourcing, is to ensure that the services being provided are actively managed and that the outsourcing partner is not just passively providing resources. At XTENSOS, our Multilingual Business Support Services are designed to ensure that we provide fully-owned and actively managed solutions in each service as follows:


  • Our Multilingual Busines Support Services have been shaped based on our personal experiences in building and managing global teams.
  • Our cost-effective centre is located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • A variety of multilingual talent available
  • Transparent plan covering all the needs and KPIs


Our Multilingual BPO Services are available to any companies who are thinking of outsourcing some of their roles or scaling their operations in a cost-effective way.


With extensive experience in senior leadership roles, across a variety of industries, our executives have strong competence in leadership, human resources, operational excellence, and quality management. They have delivered cost-effective business process outsourcing solutions for a variety of companies in the world.


Our Multilingual Business Support Solutions are equally applicable across a variety of industries, included, but not limited to:

  • IT & Software
  • Translation & localisation
  • Retail
  • Industrial Design & Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial services
  • Leisure, travel & tourism
  • Logistics & supply chain


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