At XTENSOS, our focus is on delivering real Value for our Customers.


Our team is made up of not only exceptionally-competent professionals but they are very experienced as well. Many of our associates have been delivering scalable global solutions, in various organisations, for over 20 years.

This team, of talented associates don’t just bring theory but also many years of specific, practical, hands-on global experience, which our Customers find invaluable.


Many organisation build and grow their revenues based on maximising what they call Total Contract Value (TCV). They do this by focusing heavily on Sales, and associated sales activities, and this focus eventually shapes the culture of the organisation.

At XTENSOS, our focus is not to just sell. Instead our focus is on delivering real Value for our Customers. We will never sell a solution that the customer does not need and we will never put revenue generation ahead of our commitment to our values.

We are totally committed to building our business based on our own unique version of TCV:

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Our experienced team of associates have been completing Customer Engagements, building Trust, Credibility & Value around the globe for over 20 years.

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