This article describes the concept of Plan, Do, Check, Act and shows how it can reduce the risk of failure when implementing organisational changes or new processes.

XTENSOS signs partnership agreement with PECB

Under this agreement, we will deliver certified training courses across a number of designated countries in Europe.

Our CEO appears on “The Emotional Coach” podcast to discuss our approach to corporate coaching & mentoring

Paul McManus shares from his experience as a global C-Level leader and how this helped shape our executive coaching & mentoring services.

Finding inspiration in books – Confessions of an Advertising Man

Confessions of an Advertsing Man offers timeless insights on direct marketing, managing a business and customers.

Play for fun, play to learn

Thoughts on gamification, followed by 6 games to enjoy during the quarantine.

Finding inspiration in books – Man’s Search for Meaning

Our CEO, Paul McManus, shares the life and business lessons he has learned from Man’s Search for a Meaning.

Women in Business – A short history

A dedication to all of the generations of women who have shaped the way we are currently working today.


Our CEO discusses business, values and people-management​ on the “Tea with Gabriel” podcast

Watch this podcast to discover Paul McManus’ vision when it comes to building global companies with positive cultures.

Overcoming outsourcing headaches

Sharing our outsourciong solutions, which are based on 30 years of building and managing global teams.

Building the Project Management Office (PMO) of the future

Thoughts on the evolution of project management over the last two decades and planning for future PMOs.