The biggest internal cybersecurity challenge for companies?

What are the challenges that your organisation faces when it comes to security vulnerabilities and attacks? Read how XTENSOS helps companies reduce misalignment and improve their information security policy.

Cybersecurity: an issue of global concern

Over the last year, you hear almost every day about a cyber-attack affecting various organisations. Since the beginning of 2021, more than 5 billion records were affected by data breaches and security attacks, according to IT Governance.

Since the beginning of 2021, more than 5 billion records were affected by data breaches and security attacks, according to IT Governance.

The issue is now a global concern: Political leaders are trying to find ways to reduce these attacks that jeopardise the personal data of billions of people across the world.

Aside from the increasing number of attacks, another external factor relates to these attacks becoming more sophisticated, targeted, and much more difficult to detect.  

But these are external factors that organisations can’t control directly.

Misalignment is the leading cause of security and compliance issues

On the other hand, there are some internal challenges that companies can focus on to improve their security response.

According to a recent study by EMA and Bluecat, most of the issues arise because of the internal misalignment between a company’s own teams – specifically, in this case – between networking and cloud teams. 

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Some of the things that can enable misalignment are:                                               

  • The teams and their leaders have different goals and cannot reach a common understanding in terms of what needs to be integrated into the networking and security system and by whom.                                                                                 
  • Leadership not understanding the importance of a consistent security policy or how to implement it – especially applicable for non-technical roles.                              

These struggles aren’t new, and the way that teams and leaders set the goals and communicate them usually has a great impact on whether a certain process is well implemented or not. This is generally applicable to various industries and teams, not only to security.

XTENSOS offerings reduce misalignment and improve information security

At XTENSOS, we help companies to align their teams and improve their processes and performance. Through our People Development training programmes, we help people to understand and better manage their own, and others, behaviour and also to manage teams the way they want and need to be managed.

These training programmes are applicable for any industry vertical, any management role and for any teams that simply want to better understand and fulfil their goals and work better with internal and external stakeholders. Our training programmes are based on our 30+ years of experience in working with various global companies and managing a variety of teams ourselves. We use DISC profiling as methodology alongside our XTENSOS proprietary competence framework to help participants increase their self-awareness.

We also offer consulting and training programmes that support organisations in implementing and improving their own information security policies. In partnership with PECB, we offer certified ISO 27001 courses for both new and experienced information security professionals.

If you are looking for ways to improve your team interaction or your information security – reach out to us and we will be happy to explore your needs and offer you value-adding solutions.  

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