Develop self-awareness and learn how to effectively manage and lead internal and external organisational stakeholders.

Our people development programmes are designed to help people to better understand themselves so that they can actively manage their own behaviour in a way to maximise their own effectiveness. It also helps people to understand why others behave as they do so that they can manage their interactions with them to achieve success. 

Our courses help people to develop and measure their competences. They contribute to their personal and professional development and enable them to reach their full potential. Our approach combines DISC methodology with our own proprietary competence frameworks and our suite of self-development tools and techniques.

These training courses are based on our own direct experience in managing HR and Recruitment processes, but also building, managing and growing sales and operations teams in various industries on a global basis for 20+ years.


Leadership Development


GoActive Management


Behavioural Profiling


Stress Management and Wellness


Performance Management

If you are looking for a full Maturity Assessment of your organisation’s leadership,  management or general talent, we offer Business Advisory & Consulting as well as Executive Coaching services. As certified coaches, we help leaders and other key professionals to achieve their potential and manage their teams more effectively.

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Our CEO appears on “The Emotional Coach” podcast to discuss our approach to corporate coaching & mentoring

Paul McManus shares from his experience as a global C-Level leader and how this helped shape our executive coaching & mentoring services.

The passive-aggressive manager

Read this article to see how XTENSOS helps companies actively manage passive-aggressive behaviour and build resilience among employees.

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