Our Leadership at XTENSOS has been delivering Learning & Development solutions all over the world for over 20 years. To date, we have trained over 2000 business professionals in 20 different countries. Here are just some of the training programs that XTENSOS can deliver to help your organisation:


The XTENSOS Management Development program is designed to help people who have found themselves in a management position and who want to learn some best practices, as well as pick up some useful tools and techniques to help them successfully manage their global teams.

It is a 4-day program, delivered in segments of 2 days each, and consists of a mixture of management theory sessions, practical workshops, group and individual exercises, role-plays and general discussions. It is suitable for managers at every level and it has previously been experienced by first-time line managers right up to CEOs in the US, Europe and Asia.


The XTENSOS Leadership Development program is designed to help leaders develop to their full potential and better face the daily challenges that come with being a senior leader in today’s high velocity business environment.

It is either an 8-day or a 16-day program, depending on the organisation’s needs, and it is delivered in segments of 2 days each. It is a mixture of leadership theory sessions, practical workshops, group and individual exercises, role-plays, general discussions, experiential team exercises and individual executive coaching sessions. It is suitable for senior leaders at various levels and has been attended, in various Countries, by Directors, VPs and C-level executives alike.


The XTENSOS Recruitment & Selection program was designed to help organisations overcome the difficulties associated with poor recruiting. Companies often employ procedures which sound good, but do not serve the business well. Sometimes they are based on self limiting beliefs such as “We have to hire people with a Masters Degree”, or “We only hire the most experienced people”.

Our experience has been that companies who employ our approach have benefitted greatly and have not just made their recruitment process faster and more reliable, but they have also significantly lowered their costs. The program is a 1 or 2-day workshop style program and is suitable for HR professionals and Line Mangers (at every level in the company). This program has been delivered in the US, Europe and Asia and can be delivered as a stand-alone workshop or can be combined with other modules to suit each customers’ precise needs.


Our XTENSOS Behavioural Profiling program is designed to help attendees to assess not only their own profile but also the typical behavioural profile of their team members. We focus on DISC as a standard methodology for this program and we use it ourselves for the recruitment and selection of our own team.

It is a 2-day program which consists of theory, workshops, interactive sessions and both group and individual exercises. Participants will learn to read behavioural profiles and to interpret the results to help them to match candidates to appropriate roles and to understand how to motivate and engage them. The program is addressed to HR professionals and people-managers at all levels globally.


The XTENSOS Personal Effectiveness program was created to help professionals at all levels become more effective at managing all of the key stakeholders in their world, including themselves.

It is a 4-day program split into two 2-day segments run over 2 quarters and in between each segment each attendee will receive 3 individual coaching sessions with one of our fully qualified Business Coaches. The program is open to anyone in an organisation and is of particular use for team members who are judged to have high potential for the future.


The XTENSOS Project Management program is designed to help build an effective Project Management Office within the customer’s organisation. It is based on the PMBOK methodology, that we also use to manage our own projects globally.

This is a 6-day program, delivered in 3 segments of 2-days each, over a period that suits each of our customers. It is a mixture of theory, project management best practice methodology, tools, workshops, group activities and role plays. The program is applicable to project managers at any level in the organisation and to any leaders with responsibility for managing the project management function.


Our XTENSOS Credibility Based Sales program is designed to help organisations who are struggling to get traction with developing new business in any market globally. Many companies take too broad an approach to sales and often this results in mediocre results. Our approach is based on building credibility with prospects and maintains this through the entire sales cycle.

This is a 3-day program and is a mixture of theory, methodology, tools, group activities and role plays and helps the organisation build a credible sales force who operate by building trust and not by just selling through personality. It is applicable to sales professionals at any level in the organisation.


The XTENSOS Customer Experience Management program is aimed at helping organisations to become much more effective at managing their customers. Many companies struggle to grow their business with existing customers and often they overly rely on sales activities to win new business.

This program is a 4-day blend of theory, account management methodology and tools, workshops and group activities. The goal is to equip the organisation to implement Strategic Account Management effectively and avoid the mistakes made by many organisations who make the decision to implement this. but fail to do it well. It is aimed at people in Sales, Account Management, Operations, Project Management and anyone, in the organisation, who might play a role in an account management team.


The XTENSOS Internal Quality Auditing program was created to help organisations develop internal quality auditing capability and is based on best practices associated with various ISO standards.

It is a 2-day program and consists of theory, group activities, role play and actual real-life internal auditing practice. It is suitable for anybody interested in this area but it is of particular interest to people involved in Quality Management, Risk Management and Compliance. Our approach ensures that not only do attendees get world class training, to enable them to become effective internal quality auditors, but by focusing on our customer’s own audit needs, we also complete as many actual internal audits as the team size allows.


Our XTENSOS Agile Development Methodology program is designed to help organisations who are either trying to implement Agile for the first time or who have implemented it but are not seeing the benefits that they should be from the implementation.

The program runs over 2 days and is applicable for all Software Developers, QA Testers, Development Managers, IT professionals and anybody interested in becoming a Scrum Master for their organisation.


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