The XTENSOS Human Resources managed service helps companies to access and benefit from a multilingual, experienced, and cost-effective HR team.

Companies today cannot scale without having a strategic approach to Human Resources management. 

The cost associated with building a large HR organisation is often prohibitive for small to medium enterprises and so this outsourced managed service allows even small companies to benefit from the same approach as companies much larger than themselves.

Cluj-Napoca was recognised in the fDix TNW tech Cities of the future 2020/21 Winners as one of the most cost-effective European business location. 


The XTENSOS Human Resources managed service helps companies to deliver a world-class HR experience for their staff without having to build an expensive in-house team.

Our team can conduct business in several languages including English, French (both for Canada and France), German and a number of other European languages (including some Nordic languages).

Multilingual Human Resources Talent

Cluj-Napoca – a cost-effective location

30+ years of building global teams


Benefits for the company

Some of the more tangible benefits for the company include the following:

  • Full access to an HR Business Partner
  • A full set of HR policies covering all business needs
  • Recruitment & selection services for hiring managers
  • Performance management support
  • Training and development support
  • HR reporting


The Multilingual Human Resources managed service is open to companies who want to build a cost-effective HR team or need an additional resource for their existent HR department. 


Our process below brings the best managed service techniques and a seamless partnership with our customers.

1. Agree the Scope and Advertise the Role »
  • Understand detailed scope and typical challenges involved in each role
  • Interview existing job holders/team members (if possible)
  • Advertise on all popular job-boards
2. Values Alignment Assessment »
  • XTENSOS values: Humility, Integrity, People & Service
  • Customer Values: Understand and assess candidates
  • Ensuring comfortable fit candidates only
3. Competence Assessment »
  • Proven competence framework
  • Understand competences required by the Customer
  • Assess any specific competences required for the role
4. Behavioural Assessment »
  • Job profile
  • DISC profile test
  • Behavioural Interviewing
5. Onboarding »
  • XTENSOS Induction
  • Customer Induction
  • Training plan
6. Performance Management »
  • Managing actively through ongoing feedback and one on ones
  • Organising periodical meetings with the customer
  • Holding quarterly business review meetings

The assigned HR Specialist/s will work from our office in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in a secure online environment.    

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