The XTENSOS Customer Service Training equips customer-facing teams with skills and tools designed to improve customer interaction, engagement, and retention.

In today’s digital era, the best way to attract and retain customers is by offering an integrated experience: a combination of high-quality products or services with seamless interaction with customer facing teams.  

These interactions imply a variety of skills your teams need to master, from excellent communication skills to handling complaints and stressful situations. Besides great customer interaction skills, having a commercial view is key to build long-lasting, strategic accounts.  

One in three customers (32%) say they will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience.


The Customer Service Training covers the competence and personality elements required to build successful Customer Service models and explores various communication tools to help influence situations to a positive outcome. 


1 or 2 days programmes


Instructor-led training sessions

Designed for

Customer-facing teams


Benefits for the company

Some of the more tangible benefits for the company include the following:

  • Better Customer Engagement
  • Reduced internal frictions
  • Increased level of productivity
  • More effective decision-making
  • Greater agility in handling difficult situations

Benefits for the participants

Some of the main personal benefits arising out of our Customer Service Training are as follows:

  • Improved communication skills
  • Greater emotional intelligence
  • Enhanced competencies and capabilties
  • Increased assertiveness to drive outcomes
  • Better problem-solving thinking


This programme suited for all line managers and staff in any function interacting with customers (Sales, Finance, HR, Operations, etc.).


Customer Service »
  • Introduction & goals
  • Voice of the Customer
Customer Service Framework »
  • Customer Service competences
  • Assessing competence
Understanding Behaviour »
  • DISC methodology
  • Managing behaviour
Persuasive Communication »
  • Open Communication
  • Feedback
Handling Complaints »
  • Process
  • Dealing with difficult people
Customer Management »
  • Task Vs People focus
  • Customer Engagement
Customer Engagement »
  • Relationship building
  • Customer touchpoints


The Customer Service Training sessions are delivered in a classroom  format. Sessions can be held online, in a secure environment or onsite. 

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