Our Credibility-Based Sales Training helps companies to build credibility throughout the sales cycle and implement effective lead generation, outreach and nurturing processes.

The digital era has made things both easier and more complicated at the same time for the sales cycle:

(1) Easier – as there are more channels where salespeople can identify and connect with prospects;

(2) More complicated – as business buyers have more options to choose from, therefore they seek the highest standards in terms of quality of products and services, but also in interaction with sales teams. 

Customers raise the bar for sales standards: 79% of business buyers think it’s easier than ever to take their business elsewhere and 78% seek salespeople who act as trusted advisors.


The Credibility-based Sales Training helps organisations who are struggling to get traction with developing new business in any market globally and are in the process of transforming their sales process.


1 or 2 days



Designed for

Sales professionals


Benefits for the company

Some of the more tangible benefits for the company include the following:

  • Increased credibility throughout the sales cycle.
  • Improved sales processes.
  • More focus on adding value to the customer.
  • Improved interaction between sales and ops departments.
  • Enhanced individual and team performance.

Benefits for the participants

Some of the main personal benefits arising out of our Credibility-based Sales Training are as follows:

  • Increased rapport building on calls and meetings.
  • Improved qualification questioning.
  • Improved sales pipeline management.


This programme is for sales professionals at any level in the organisation.


Sales Philosophy »
  • Personality Vs Credibility
  • Methodologies
Prospecting »
  • Targeting
  • Tools
Opportunity Management »
  • Identifying
  • Scoping
Pipeline Management »
  • Sales Economics
  • Funnel Mathematics
Crafting Proposals »
  • Requests for Proposal
  • Template
Closing »
  • Pitching
  • Negotiating
Customer Onboarding »
  • Setting up for success
  • Account management


The Credibility-based Sales Training is delivered in a classroom environment. Sessions can be held online, in a secure environment, or onsite.

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