The XTENSOS Behavioural Profiling Training helps attendees to assess both their own and their team members’ behavioural profile.

Professional experience is not the only criteria that recruiters and managers consider while searching for candidates. Finding the right match for the role, team, and company in terms of values alignment is often more crucial than the professional experience itself.  

Identifying various work behaviours is very helpful, not only in the recruitment and selection process but based on this information, managers can also tailor their leading style to match each of their team members’ needs. 

54% of companies report talent shortages.

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The XTENSOS Behavioural Profiling Training helps leaders, managers, and recruiters to identify various work behaviours for their current or future employees, in order to better recruit, manage and motivate them.  We focus on DISC as a standard methodology, which we have also used ourselves in the recruitment and selection process for many years. Our trainers are all fully Certified Practitioners of DISC.


2 days



Designed for

HR & Managers


Benefits for the company

Some of the more tangible benefits for the company include the following:

  • Identifying easier the right person for the role.
  • Improved working relationships.
  • Enhanced team effectiveness.
  • Increased employee engagement.
  • Tailored management styles.

Benefits for the participants

Some of the main personal benefits arising out of our Behavioural Profiling Training are as follows:

  • Increased self-knowledge and awareness.
  • Adaptable management style, focused on work behaviours.
  • Enhanced communication skills.
  • Improved personal performance.


This programme is suited for HR professionals and people-managers, from any background (Sales, Finance, Operations, IT, Marketing, etc.).


Understanding Behavioural Profiling »
  • Behaviour vs personality
  • Assessment approaches
DISC Methodology and the PPA »
  • Understanding DISC methodology and the PPA report
  • Unusual profile warnings

Behavioural Profiles »
  • Typical behaviours
  • Recognising behavioural profiles
Managing Different Profiles »
  • Recognising the value of each profile
  • Motivators and demotivators
Coaching for Success »
  • Stressed behaviour and limitations
  • Supporting each profile
Emotional Intelligence »
  • Measuring emotional intelligence
  • Influence on behaviour
Applications of Behavioural Profiling »
  • Understanding management styles
  • Actively managing stakeholders


The Behavioural Profiling Training is delivered in a classroom format. Sessions can be held online, in a secure environment, or onsite.

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