Our Account Management Training helps organisations to become more effective at adding value for their strategic customers and building a trust-based relationship which will lead to greater account growth.

Often, companies believe that a combination between sales and customer service will drive retention, and ultimately, account growth. 

While sales & service are important to attract and increase customer satisfaction, it is not enough when it comes to growing accounts. To add new value to customers, both sales and operation teams need to adopt a customer improvement mindset, focused on identifying new opportunities for growth.  

Account teams that are involved in managing the full customer experience, from sales to customer improvement, improve key account revenue by 5 to 10% more, while maintaining margins.


The programme provides a holistic approach, covering all stages managing strategic customers and includes a proven template for account planning and control. 


1 or 2 days training programmes


Instructor-led training sessions

Designed for

Account managers, sales, ops teams


Benefits for the company

Some of the more tangible benefits for the company include the following:

  • Increased customer retention.
  • Improved individual and team performance.
  • Enhanced capabilities for identifying growth opportunities.

Benefits for the participants

Some of the main personal benefits arising out of our Account Management Training are as follows:

  • Increased relationship-building skills.
  • Enhanced competencies and capabilities.
  • Long-term growth mindset.
  • Improved analysis of customer strategic needs.


This programme is open to Sales, Account Management, Operations, Project Management and anyone in the organisation who might play a role in an account management team.


Introduction to Strategic Account Management »
  • Definitions
  • Origins
  • Reference points
Account Management Process »
  • Working in a team
  • Functional co-operation
  • Goal and Service orientation
Account Management Competences »
  • De-facto standard
  • Self assessment
  • Account management teams
Account Classification »
  • Good and bad accounts
  • Segmenting
  • Account attractiveness
Account Selection »
  • Growth potential
  • Alignment
  • Risk management
Account Planning »
  • Creating a vision
  • Measureable goals
  • Account plan template
Relationship Building »
  • Relationship hierarchy
  • High-Wide-Deep approach
  • Measuring & Communicating Value


The Account Management Training is delivered in a classroom format. Sessions can be held online, in a secure environment, or onsite.

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